Becoming a member of Greater Indiana Clean Cities places your organization in an elite group of leaders and knowledge seekers in the alternative fuels and related technologies transportation industry.

As a member of one of the Top U.S. DOE Clean Cities Coalitions across the country, you will have access to a one-stop-shop of answers to all your transportation energy questions and participate in educational networking functions with like-minded fleet operators and suppliers interested in learning from each other through individual and group alternative fuel and technology projects.

As a fleet operator from passenger cars to Class 8, membership gives you access to grant writing assistance from an organization that has secured over 40 million in projects deployed across Indiana and the mid-west. We will assist in promoting your fleets efforts to support domestic fuel and improve the environment.

Greater Indiana members receive notification when funding opportunities are announced, with an overview of the opportunity and type projects that would make successful applications.

As an industry partner member, you will find insight into trends and topics of interest to Hoosier fleets and be given introductions to potential project partners with opportunities to grow your customer base. We will work with you to distribute press releases, event notices, company milestone announcements and sales opportunities through our vast database of coalition members and those interested in clean transportation technologies.

These benefits are matched with FREE educational and informational sessions and tours throughout the year. Review the membership levels below to select the level that will best meet your needs.

Hours of Coalition Service* is dictated by the level of membership you select and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Grant writing assistance
  • Consulting services, including pending VW Mitigation Trust Fund Opportunities for fleets
  • Event planning and promotion support
  • Project planning and coordination

Join today by selecting the membership level that best fits your needs. Greater Indiana Clean Cities, Inc. is a 501c3 and Not-For-Profit organization.








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