As a member of Greater Indiana Clean Cities, Inc., you join a network engaged in learning more and propelling the momentum of alternative fuels and technologies. By participating in various events, taking advantage of training and education resources, receiving project assistance, or simply joining our story and voice with ours, you are choosing to join and advance alternative fuel use throughout Indiana.

Membership is broken out into five levels with accompanied benefits: Strategic Partner, Executive, Champion, Leader, and Advocate. Individuals can also contribute to Greater Indiana’s mission through one of four contribution levels: Ally, Supporter, Associate, and Friend. In addition to these levels, Greater Indiana also offers add-on services. Our membership levels have details on the benefits, descriptions, and add-on services.

If you need any help assessing which benefits match your needs, please reach out to us!

We appreciate your continued investment in alternative fuels and technologies. Together, we’re empowering Indiana to accelerate the future of energy-efficient solutions. This is why we are here – to share information, facilitate collaboration, and support your momentum.

Together, we’re fueling the future of a Greater Indiana.


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We serve the entire state of Indiana, ensuring our stakeholders have a unified voice and representation in the advancement of alternative fuels.

Greater Indiana Clean Cities, Inc. is a 501c3 and Not-For-Profit organization.



Privacy Policy: Greater Indiana Clean Cities, Inc. does not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose personal or business information from our members to third parties. We employ reasonable physical, electronic, and procedural security measures to safeguard information and to help protect against unauthorized access and disclosure. The security and privacy of our members is paramount to Greater Indiana Clean Cities, Inc.