About Us

Greater Indiana Clean Cities, Inc. (Greater Indiana) is a standalone 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving the state of Indiana to support alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to advance alternative, domestic fueled transportation, including energy-efficient technologies, across all sectors in Indiana. 

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Our Impact:

We provide positive support for the industry, our members, partners, and the state to increase the adoption of alternative fuel transportation, benefiting the local economy. We foster a sense of community and encourage active participation in our mission, ensuring everyone has a role in building a sustainable future.

Working alongside our dedicated Board of Directors, our team aims to educate, inspire, and lead the way toward a sustainable future. 

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Our History:

For 24 years, we have assisted public and private sector members, including cities, schools, utilities, fueling companies, government agencies, universities, and other nonprofit organizations, with alternative fuel projects. After an extensive review and strategic planning process conducted throughout 2019, Greater Indiana and our board of directors decided to transition the organization from a Department of Energy-funded program into a fully independent nonprofit entity. Our transition provided the freedom for us to embark on the requests and goals set by our valued stakeholders. 

Today, Greater Indiana is an organization that prioritizes the needs of our members, and we are dedicated to fostering awareness and education about alternative fuels, including Natural Gas, Propane, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Hydrogen, and Electric. Our fuel-neutral approach allows us to assist stakeholders in finding the alternative fuel that best suits their unique requirements. Greater Indiana’s collaborative efforts encompass diverse projects, programs, and grant proposals, all aimed at advancing our mission of advancing the use of alternative fuels.

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Our work is made possible by the involvement and collaboration of the following organizations:


Greater Indiana is a proud member of:

Kerri Garvin, Director of Greater Indiana, was elected to the Green Truck Association (GTA) Board of Governors in 2021. This year, she is serving as Vice Chair. Joining the GTA Board, she aims to align missions with Greater Indiana,
enhancing positive impacts through increased coordination. Also, GTA staff are “in the field” throughout the year, serving as industry resources and thought leaders. GTA, founded in 2010, supports the clean vehicle market in the work truck industry, providing updates on regulations and industry developments. NTEA, established in 1964, represents over 2,100 companies in the work truck industry, offering technical information and education and hosting events like The Work Truck Show®.




Greater Indiana is proud to participate in the following working groups:

Electric Vehicle Product Commission

EPA Region 5

Great Plains Institute

MCDI School Bus Infrastructure Workgroup

Midcontinent Transportation Electrification Collaboration (MTEC)

REV Midwest – The Regional Electric Vehicle Midwest Coalition

Women Accelerating School Bus Electrification (WASBE)


Greater Indiana actively collaborates with Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and state agencies to advance sustainable transportation. We share crucial research and data on transportation trends, emissions, and usage to influence regional and state plans. Additionally, our organization supports grant initiatives by leveraging expertise and forming partnerships to educate communities about alternative fuels. We foster collaboration among community members, businesses, and government representatives through stakeholder engagement, technical assistance, and active participation in planning processes. By closely working with industry partners, Greater Indiana can effectively contribute to the development and implementation of sustainable transportation solutions.


Industry Partners: