Becoming a member of Greater Indiana Clean Cities provides your organization a stake in one of the Top Ten Clean Cities Coalitions across the country.

As a member you’ll access a one-stop-shop for answers to any of your alternative fuels and technologies questions, attend networking functions with likeminded fleet operators and suppliers interested in learning from each other through individual and group alternative fuel and technology projects.

An invaluable part of your membership is access to grant writing assistance from an organization that has secured over 40 million in total projects deployed across Indiana.

Greater Indiana members receive notification when funding opportunities are announced, with an overview of the opportunity and type projects that would be successful applications.

These benefits are matched with FREE training and information sessions throughout the year. From annual stakeholder meetings, targeted topic workshops and webinars, presentations by industry leaders to help guide you down the path of reducing our nation’s dependence through domestic, clean fuels and technologies.

Join today by selecting the membership level that best fits your needs.








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