You Too Could Realize Fuel Cost Savings of $5,000 per Day…

…cheaper and simpler oil changes and emissions reduced by millions of pounds.

That’s the message of a new case study analyzing Student Transportation Inc.’s 435 school buses operating with propane autogas during a one-year period.

These buses service Nebraska’s Millard and Omaha public school districts. They also support Omaha’s “Green Schools Initiative,” which encourages environmental responsibility, consumption reduction and green living.

“Propane autogas buses offer a healthier choice for passengers and make sense for the environment,” said Patrick Vaughan, Student Transportation’s chief operating officer. “Omaha’s use of these buses supports their commitment to a clean city.”

The buses travel between 100 to 150 miles per day for a fleet average of about 50,000 miles each school day. STI estimates that 4.2 million fewer pounds of carbon dioxide have been released into the atmosphere with these buses over the past year. On average, propane autogas costs about 50 percent less per gallon than diesel and reduces routine maintenance expenses.

With 96 percent of its school buses running on propane autogas, Omaha is projected to become the first school system in the nation with a 100-percent propane autogas bus fleet.

“We are seeing a national trend of school districts seeking alternative fuels, and will continue to stand behind this propane autogas product,” said Vaughan. “The switch to propane autogas is a win-win for the school districts, the parents, the communities and STI. Everyone can appreciate the environmental benefits and the cost savings.”

Currently, more than 10 percent of Student Transportation’s existing 12,000-vehicle national fleet operates on propane autogas, with plans for more.

The Blue Bird Propane Vision and Micro Bird buses are equipped with ROUSH CleanTech’s propane autogas fuel systems.  Natural gas school buses are also available. Contact for more information.