Why Airport Shuttle Companies Switch to Propane Autogas

Airport shuttle companies across the country are finding value in switching to propane autogas for their fleet. Even with a multitude of alternative fuels to choose from, Ace Parking, SuperShuttle and GO Airport Express say clean and cheap propane autogas is an obvious choice.

Ace Parking operates four propane autogas shuttles around the clock at San Diego International Airport. Since implementing the autogas shuttles, Ace Parking has experienced extended time between fill-ups on their propane autogas vehicles. With 58 percent of their fleet filling up less often, Ace Parking is saving money on fuel and providing greater availability to their customers.

GO Airport Express has experienced a similar effect on cost savings. In 2011, with gas prices on the rise, the company decided to implement thirty Ford E-350 vans fueled by propane autogas to transport customers from the Chicago airports to downtown hotels. To further reduce fuel expenses, GO Airport Express also built two on-site refueling stations. Robert Hann, vice president of marketing for GO Airport Express, says that propane autogas has saved on their bottom line while providing cost-efficient and reliable vehicles.

“The biggest reason to go to autogas is the fuel savings for us,” Hann says. “We love the green aspect and think that has a lot of environmental benefits. But when you look at gasoline prices in Chicago, and you can get autogas for less than half of that, it doesn’t take a lot to see how that’s going to pay off.”

SuperShuttle is another airport shuttle company fueling with propane autogas. SuperShuttle currently operates 75 propane autogas passenger vans at Phoenix, Arizona’s Sky Harbor International Airport. With each van using almost 150 gallons of fuel per week, SuperShuttle saves about $10,000 per year, per van, on fuel and maintenance costs.

Cost savings is usually the initial reason for switching to propane autogas. Ace Parking, GO Airport Express and SuperShuttle also find value in ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas vehicles due to reduced emissions, technical and warranty support and on-site driver training.


ROUSH CleanTech operates a nationwide fleet of demonstration vehicles that are loaned to potential customers for operation in their fleet over a short period of time. These gently used vehicles are cycled out of our fleet occasionally to make room for newer vehicles. We currently have the following demo vehicles available for sale. Make sure to check back regularly as the vehicles change frequently.

Please contact Nick Prokop (734) 466-6859 or nick.prokop@roush.com for more information.

Model YearMakeVehicle TypeVINColorTank Config.Mileage
2012FordE-250 Cargo VanCDB31224WhiteMid-Ship<5,000 miles
2012FordE-250 Cargo VanCDB31227WhiteIn-Vehicle<5,000 miles
2012FordE-350 15-Passenger VanCDB31229WhiteMid-Ship<5,000 miles
2012FordE-350 12-Passenger VanCDB31228WhiteIn-Vehicle<5,000 miles

All 2012 MY vehicles are a part of Ford’s bailment program, which means they must be purchased from a Ford dealer. We will find a Ford dealer to quote you a price if interested in any of the vehicles. The 2011 vehicles are owned by either ROUSH CleanTech or Knapheide, so you can purchase direct.