VW Settlement Update

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has submitted the final plan for spending $40.9 million awarded to the State of Indiana from the national Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust. The funding will be used for projects designed to alleviate nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions caused by Volkswagen vehicles.

Indiana’s final plan was submitted to the Trustee of the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust. The plan lays out the expected allocation of funding for project categories that may be used during a 10-year period for various projects permitted by the settlement’s consent decree.

The latest draft of Indiana’s Beneficiary Mitigation Plan including edits can be accessed by clicking here.

Indiana Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Program Match Requirements

IDEM proposes to use Volkswagen Mitigation Trust funds to reimburse non-government owned fleet and equipment owners in these categories at 9 the levels specified in Appendix D-2 of the national mitigation trust. IDEM intends to use Volkswagen Mitigation Trust funds to reimburse government-owned fleets and equipment at the same level as nongovernment owned fleet and equipment owners, as opposed to the full cost reimbursement permitted by Appendix D-2.

The table above details the maximum amount of funding that is available for various projects types. The remaining balance of those project costs must be covered by the project partner and is generally referred to as the “match requirement.”

*The plan is not official until it is accepted by the Trustee.

*Project solicitation is not expected until approximately February, 2019 or later.

Greater Indiana Clean Cities can assist those looking for support with their application.  Contact our Executive Director, Kerri Garvin, at kerri@greaterindiana.com or (260)414-9511 with your project.

For more updates on the Indiana Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Program, visit IDEM’s website.