VW Mitigation Trust Fund Effective Date Set

The Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust settlement effective date of October 2, 2017, was set with the signing of all trust document by all parties. This gives Governors in each state, DC and Puerto Rico 60 days (by December 2, 2017) to file the Certificate of Beneficiary Status, naming the state agency that will oversee their state’s allocation of the $2.9 million trust fund. Indiana’s share is $41 million.

Governor Holcomb signed an executive order naming a committee of ten charged with oversight and award of Indiana mitigation trust fund to eligible projects and IDEM has opened an email portal to take stakeholder suggestions through Summer of 2018.
Following these recommended steps to provide comments that could be used to shape Indiana’s Mitigation Trust Fund plan development.

Step 1: Define your fleet’s needs, and know how many 2009 and older diesel vehicles you have in your fleet. The Environmental Mitigation Trust defines the exact types of vehicles eligible to receive funds.

Step 2: Review the Afleet and GREET Fleet tools, developed by Argonne National Laboratory, to calculate your identified vehicles’ NOx emission reduction potential at: //www.afdc.energy.gov/tools NOx reductions, per dollars spent, will certainly be a scoring factor in the State of Indiana’s plan, when announced.

Step 3: Respond and participate in IDEM’s to-be-announced public comment meetings

Step 4: Members of Greater Indiana Clean Cities, call Kellie for assistance in developing your plan or submit your wish list for funding on the Greater Indiana Clean Cities VW Information page linked below.

For more information on the Environmental Mitigation Trust, visit https://greaterindiana.com/vw-indiana-settlement-information