Vehicle Technologies Office Releases New Funding and Report on EV Everywhere Successes

To reduce reliance on foreign oil and support our clean energy economy, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced $49 million in support of the EV Everywhere Grand Challenge, and other advanced efficient vehicle technologies. These projects will focus on reducing the cost and improving the performance of critical vehicle technologies that increase fuel efficiency as well as building on previous successes to accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles.

This funding opportunity will support a variety of technologies to improve efficiency: advanced light-weighting; advanced battery development; power electronics; advanced heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems; and fuels and lubricants. Most projects will directly support the development of technologies needed to meet the EV Everywhere Grand Challenge goal of enabling the U.S. to become the first nation in the world to produce plug-in electric vehicles that are as affordable and convenient as today’s gasoline powered vehicles by 2022. Additional projects will support technology development to improve general fuel efficiency improvements in passenger and commercial vehicles.

Previous Energy Department investments in EV Everywhere technology have already showed significant progress. Secretary Moniz also announced the release of “The EV Everywhere Grand Challenge: Road to Success” reportPDF, which captures the progress the Department and industry have already made. This document follows up on the original EV Everywhere BlueprintPDF, which outlined broad steps for the Department and industry to move toward these goals. Over the past 12 months, the Department has invested $225 million to address key barriers to widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles. The new report describes how the market has rapidly changed over the past year:

  • DOE research and development reduced the volume production cost of electric drive vehicle batteries to $325/kWhr, about 50% lower than just four years ago.
  • More than 50 leading employers have joined the Workplace Charging Challenge and pledged to provide charging access at more than 150 sites.
  • Consumer acceptance has rapidly grown – 97,000 plug-in electric vehicles were sold in 2013, nearly doubling 2012 sales.

For the funding opportunity, the Department anticipates making $49 million available for projects from industry, national laboratories, and university-led teams. Visit the EERE Exchange website for more information and application requirements.