Use the links below to download US Department of Energy Clean Clean Cities and Greater Indiana Clean Cities Powerpoint Presentation assets.

Overview of US Department of Energy Clean Cities
CNG Presentation
Electric / Hybrid Vehicles
Propane Presentation
Cummins Crosspoint Powerpoint Overview
CNG, LNG and propane Clean Cities Overview  (July 23, 2012)
Propane/Autogas As a Transportation Fuel (August 1, 2012)
Indiana Chamber of Commerce – Clean Cities (August 28,2012)
IURC Natural Gas Winter Forecast Utility Meeting (October 24, 2012)


Fuel Blend

Blending relatively low levels of alternative fuels with conventional fuels is an important option for reducing petroleum use and an important strategy in the Clean Cities Program portfolio.Examples of blends include E10 (10% ethanol/90% gasoline), B5 (5% biodiesel/95% diesel), and B2 (2% biodiesel/98% diesel).Blends can also consist of two types of alternative fuels, such as hydrogen and compressed natural gas (HCNG), which might be a combination of 20% hydrogen and 80% CNG, for example. Many coalition stakeholders use blended fuels in their fleet vehicles. Use the links to learn more about ethanol, biodiesel, and hydrogen/CNG blends.