A Big Thank You to Our Board

We sometimes forget all the people it takes to make an organization work. While Greater Indiana shares information about our fantastic members, I wanted to take a moment to thank the many people that make up our Board of Directors. We are fortunate to have people that are engaged, supportive, and increase the value of our organization. Our Board is composed of a variety of industries and skill sets, which puts Greater Indiana in a position to meet and exceed our goals. As we have been going through a transition, the dedication of our Board remains strong.

Thank you to the following Board of Directors:

Larry Campbell – City of Fort Wayne (President)
Kellie Walsh – IMTA (Vice President)
Kelly Davenport – Citizens Energy (Treasurer)
Graham Bailey – Vectren Energy (Past President)
David Zwiesler – BP
Katie Robinson – City of Indianapolis
Jay Ricker – Ricker Oil
Ken Parrent – Indiana Corn and Soybean Organizations
Steven Gregg – Cummins, Inc.
Craig Moore – Kinetrex Energy
Doug Walczak – Hicksgas, Inc.
Mick Calvin – CountryMark
Chris O’Bryan – Thornton’s Quick Café   

I look forward to our continued progress for Greater Indiana Clean Cities.
~Kerri Garvin, Executive Director