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Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT) Hosts 2nd Annual “Design Your Own Malibu” Contest for Local Youth

Earlier this fall, the Rose-Hulman EcoCAR 2 team visited the local 14th and Chestnut Community Center. The team hosted a ‘Design Your Own Malibu’ contest and brought pumpkins for each of the students.

The team was given the opportunity to interact with and educate 21 middle school students from the Wabash Valley area that attend the after school program, hosted by the 14th and Chestnut Community Center. Communication Manager Ashley Kronsell said that “It is great being able to visit the various after school programs in Terre Haute! We have been able to educate the students outside of the classroom and have fun while doing so.”

When reaching out to local youth, the team focuses on education as well as application of the material they learn.

“At events like these, we like to first educate the kids about EcoCAR 2, Rose-Hulman, hybrid vehicles, and alternative fuels. We then let them apply everything they have learned about alternative fuel vehicles and allow them to design their own vehicle using any sustainable resources they find necessary.”

The kids competed in the Design Your Own Malibu contest and had designs incorporating resources such as water, electric, wind, and even solar power into their vehicles.

Outreach team member Shannon Washburn says that “It is very fun to see what the kids come up with and how they incorporate alternative fuels into their designs!”

Clean Cities is one of the diamond sponsors of the EcoCAR 2 competition. During year two, the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology EcoCAR 2 team has worked extensively with Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition to promote the program on a broad spectrum.

Rose-Hulman has been collaborating with Greater Indiana Clean Cities coalition to promote EcoCAR 2 and sustainability. Clean Cities provides the monetary assistantships to each EcoCAR 2 team. The assistantships are awarded to the GRA Team Leader, Communication Manager, and Business Manager positions. These monetary funds provide assistance to team members in leadership positions.  This has allowed our team members to feel as though they are competing in the real-world and are rewarded for their hard work and dedication. Each day, the engineers are able to gain hands-on experience when working on their vehicle in the Branam Innovation Center. The communication and business teams equally experience real-world experience in terms of media, marketing, clerical tasks.


During year two, Rose-Hulman has been able to join forces with Clean Cities on National Alternative Fuel Day and the 10th annual Indiana Legislator Luncheon and Alternative Fuels & Technologies Expo. For ten consecutive years, Clean Cities has hosted these events to create awareness for alternative fuels. Rose-Hulman has had the opportunity to showcase their engineering efforts at these professional and nationally recognized events. Clean Cities has put forth a tremendous amount of effort to highlight an equally important element of the program, which is community outreach.

Executive Director, Kellie Walsh and Cris Dorman, Director of Communications, of Greater Indiana


Clean Cities Coalition have stressed the importance of collaboration and community outreach. The media, outreach, and communication portion o

f the team is the notion in which exposure is created to educate the public on the importance of EcoCAR 2. Clean Cities has shown a great amount of effort in working towards creating positive exposure for the team.

This year, the RHIT team worked with Greater Indiana and attended the Odyssey Day celebration in Indianapolis, IN. Walsh is heavily involved in RHIT’s efforts in the competition and hopes that each team member can experience the importance of “awareness and exposure” through the program. By working together for a nationally recognized event, the team has been able to expand their outreach to a broad audience. At the Indiana Legislator Luncheon, the RHIT team had the opportunity to meet with State Legislators and representatives to discuss alternative fuel options and promote EcoCAR 2. Without Clean Cities, these events would not

take place nor add to the transition to sustainable fuels and infrastructures.

Even more than just sponsoring the competition, and providing monetary assistantships, Clean Cities has made it possible for Rose-Hulman to reach out to a broad audience to educate the importance of EcoCAR 2 and the involvement Rose-Hulman has with the program. The Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology will continue to collaborate on events to further showcase their engineering, communication, and business efforts.