RFP’s Requested for Rockport Spencer County – Cleaner Air through Diesel Emission Reductions Grant Program

Greater Indiana Clean Cities and South Shore Clean Cities is pleased to announce the release of a request for proposals (RFP) for the Rockport Spencer County – Cleaner Air through Diesel Emission Reductions (RSC-CADER) grant program.

This competitive grant award program is aimed at improving air quality in and around the Rockport Spencer County area in Indiana through diesel emissions reduction projects. Funds totaling $440,000 will be available to support qualified projects submitted by municipalities and related local government agencies, public schools, not-for-profit hospitals and other organization with a strong public focus.

The RSC -CADER grant program is the result of an agreement between AEP and the Citizens Oversight Committee consisting of: Sierra Club; Citizen Action Coalition of Indiana; Indiana Wildlife Federation; Hoosier Environmental Council; Environmental Law and Policy Center.

Eligible diesel vehicle emission reduction projects include: Diesel Vehicle Exhaust Retrofits, Idle Reduction Technologies, including Telematics for monitor and modifying idling behavior, Diesel Vehicle Engine Upgrades or Repowers and Diesel Vehicle Replacements.

The RFP and Application Forms for the grant program can be downloaded at RSC-CADER RFP & APPLICATION FORM.  Applications are due before 5 PM CDT on August 31, 2015.


If your organization or company is a member of the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition, please feel free to contact GICCC Executive Director, Kellie Walsh for additional information and/or assistance with the application process for this RFP.

Kellie Walsh