Platinum Member: ampCNG

A member of Greater Indiana since 2010, ampCNG is leading the transition to compressed natural gas (CNG) as a transportation fuel in the commercial trucking industry. The RNG producer and CNG fueling company helps the country’s premier heavy-duty trucking fleets transition to cost-effective, clean, American natural gas. Amp currently owns and operates 19 public-access, fast-fill, CNG fueling stations around the country and is continuing to expand its fast-growing network to support the densest transportation corridors in the U.S. The company also owns and operates the largest on-farm dairy RNG project in the U.S., sells fuel and sources renewable natural gas from dairy waste.

The company’s RNG operation at Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana recently received the first dairy waste-to-vehicle fuel pathway certified by California’s Air Resources Board (CARB). CARB awarded the company a Carbon Intensity (CI) score of -254.94 gCO2e/MJ, which is the lowest ever issued by CARB. Fuels that emit more carbon have higher scores. Diesel registers +98, while traditional natural gas is only +79. Fair Oaks’ -255 CI makes trucks using its fuel far cleaner than electric.

The company’s 19 CNG fueling stations are strategically located all over the country on heavily traveled highway corridors, supporting some of the largest CNG fleets in the country with
partners in the food and beverage, agriculture and dairy industries. Three of ampCNG’s stations are located in Indiana along I-65. With a focus on dedicated long-haul fleets that burn large amounts of liquid fuels, all ampCNG stations are built for performance with heavy-duty, fast-fill, redundant equipment.

ampCNG devotes significant time and effort educating and advocating for CNG. Three of the main advantages of renewable CNG are: low cost (CNG can save haulers over $100,000 in fuel costs over the lifetime of a single truck), clean fuel (A single CNG truck will offset CO2 emissions equivalent to 300 passenger cars over its lifetime), and domestic (95%? of the CNG used in the US is sourced from the U.S.). ampCNG also works to help transition customers to CNG through station builds, fuel sales, fleet transition planning, and the operation of their RNG projects.

ampCNG continues to invest heavily in dairy RNG projects and partnering with dairy farmers across the country to bring more ultra-low CI gas to market to help solve major air quality and climate challenges. The company is the first and only dairy project delivering RNG to customers in the state of California and construction is currently underway for the company’s second RNG project using dairy digester gas. ampCNG plans to more than double its dairy gas output by early 2018 and aims to deliver 100 percent RNG to all of its fueling stations as it brings on future projects.