NAFTC’s Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician Training!

Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician Training
September 22-26


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Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician Training

Get “hands-on” experience from extensive shop activities – Many types of electric drive vehicles are appearing on America’s highways in ever-increasing numbers. As a consequence, the need for qualified technicians to service and maintain these vehicles is growing rapidly. This five-day hands-on course is designed for the professional technician or automotive student, and teaches you safety, service procedures, computer diagnostics, vehicle systems, battery technologies, and the nature of electricity as an automotive fuel source.
The course explains appropriate safety measures in maintaining electric drive vehicles and describes electric propulsion systems including the construction, operation, control strategies, service tools, scan tool data, and basic diagnostic fundamentals. Course objectives include coverage of required fundamentals, system design and operation, diagnostics, service and repair of HEVs, BEVs, PHEVs and FCEVs. Appropriate and necessary safety measures for each type of vehicle are emphasized. The course has a heavy incorporation and concentration on hands-on shop time and lab activities.

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The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC), a program of West Virginia University, is the only nationwide alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle training organization in the U.S. The NAFTC has been promoting and providing education on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles since 1992. Presently offering more than 25 courses and workshops, the fuel-neutral organization plays a key role in providing education to numerous audiences on these new technology vehicles. The NAFTC consists of National and Associate Training Centers located nationwide from Maine to California. Each center provides Training with Impact through its experienced instructors and real-world shop facilities. Numerous other members from small business, government, and industry also support the NAFTC’s mission. For more information about the NAFTC and its programs, visit