Less Than Two Months until National Conference on Weights and Measures and CNG DGE Vote

In July, the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) will vote on the diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) standard.  The vote will take place at the NCWM Annual Meeting July 19 – 23 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This standard compliments the gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) standard that has been in place for more than 20 years.  Under the proposal, retailers of CNG and LNG will be able to offer these fuels in diesel gallon equivalent units.  CNG retailers would have the option of using GGE or DGE units but LNG would only be sold in DGE units.

As of this May 2015, ten states now officially recognize the DGE standard as the legal method of sale for natural gas.  The latest state to do so was New Mexico, which on May 14 issued final regulations recognizing DGE for CNG and LNG.  Twenty-five states also use the DGE unit for taxation of LNG.

State regulators need to hear from businesses and industry partners as to the impact a change on this matter. You can attend the annual meeting’s open session to put your comments on record.

  1. Attending the NCWM Meeting and testify during the open session; this involves speaking from the floor during the open session; remarks are often given informally and do not have to be technical or detailed;
  2. Contacting state NCWM officials and urge them to vote for the DGE proposal;
  3. Writing a letter to your state representative urging them to support the DGE proposal and copy the NCWM Executive and others (we have prepared a sample draft letter);
  4. Contact elected officials in states where you operate and urge them to contact the states voting representative;
  5. Let Greater Indiana know if you will be at the meeting in Philadelphia.

Below are links to more information on state representatives and details on the upcoming Annual Meeting.  If your state is represented on the L&R or S&T Committees, it would be helpful to also write those officials.

State Directors

NCWM L&R Committee Members

NCWM S&T Committee Members

NCWM Annual Meeting Details (July 19 -23, Philadelphia, PA)

For more details or a copy of the draft letter prepared by NGVAmerica,
please contact Jeff Clarke 202.824.7364, or by email.