Incredible Sale on Used CNG Class 8 Day Cab Trucks

If you were considering natural gas as your transportation fuel, prior to fuel prices dropping, these trucks are hard to pass up.  Even with today’s fuel prices, the payback on these low mileage trucks could be just a few short years.

Natural gas is a stable, made in America alternative fuel source that can help you gain control of fuel costs and reduce your dependence on foreign oil, while reducing your:

• Long term fleet costs
• Carbon footprint

Position yourself to no longer be tied to foreign oil when the next price spike hits, and it will…….. contact Kellie for a free fleet analysis to determine your ROI today!

PriceYEARMakeModelHoodTransmissionSuspensionWBExt ColorMileageRatioEngHP
$49,9002014PETERBILT3821103000 HSPLAL201White1431244.88ISL-G320
$49,9002014PETERBILT3821103000 HSPLAL201White1603314.88ISL-G320
$49,9002014PETERBILT3821103000 HSPLAL201White1816574.88ISL-G320
$49,9002014PETERBILT3821103000 HSPLAL201White1750294.88ISL-G320
$49,9002014PETERBILT3821103000 HSPLAL201White1803454.88ISL-G320
$49,9002014PETERBILT3821103000 HSPLAL201White1089474.88ISL-G320
$49,9002014PETERBILT3821103000 HSPLAL201White1725314.88ISL-G320


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