If you haven’t thought about hybrids lately, it’s time to take another look.

Hybrid technology has been reinvented. The next generation Kinetics Hybrid from Crosspoint Kinetics delivers proven performance and real savings for owners of Class 3-7 bus and light truck fleets.

“We have addressed many of the problems with first-generation hybrids, such as expensive batteries, less-than-satisfactory reliability, and complex integration into a vehicle,” said product director John McNichols. “We’ve made it easier for operators and customers to participate in the greening movement toward alternative fuels.”

The Kinetics Hybrid is backed by extensive research, development and testing. It’s also certified by the Federal Transit Administration based on Altoona testing, which allows public transportation entities to be eligible for additional government subsidies.


Fuel efficiency, launch power and brake life all measurably increase with the electric hybrid while greenhouse emissions and foreign oil dependence are reduced by up to 30 percent.

The post-transmission, electric hybrid system is “bolt-on” ready and doesn’t need to connect with the vehicle’s engine computer, allowing it to be installed in less than a day. And, since it uses ultracapacitors instead of batteries, it will last for many maintenance-free years. It’s even transferrable to future buses. Kinetics Hybrids also boast cross-platform capability (Gas, Diesel, CNG, LPG) and require no additional,expensive, infrastructure.

It may just be the fastest and easiest way to green bus fleets. And, it’s simple to operate.

A patented variable torque permanent magnet motor provides up to 400 lb-ft. of torque to the driveshaft to either launch the vehicle or provide regenerative braking during a deceleration. Regen energy is stored in the ultracapacitors. During the past few years of on-road and lab testing, the best returns (up to 30% fuel savings and 8 times longer brake life) have been seen on vehicles with start/stop driving cycles of 4-7 stops per mile.


More than 6 million field miles have already been driven on Kinetics Hybrids by public transit, shuttle bus, and light truck fleets.

Kinetics Hybrids are built in Indiana and supported by Cummins Crosspoint, a trusted company with an extensive North American service network for years of worry-free use. The company has invested millions of dollars on advanced R&D and has conducted rigorous testing at CALSTART, Cummins, and Altoona.

For more information, visit crosspointkinetics.com or call 1-855-435-4301.