IC Bus Grant Creates Incentive for Propane School Buses


Exciting news in the field of propane-powered vehicles as IC Bus, a large school bus manufacturer located out of Lisle, Illinois, just launched a new grant program that provides school districts with a $5,000 financial incentive to add propane-powered school buses to their fleets.

For each qualifying school district, a $5,000 grant will be rewarded for each propane-powered school bus that they acquire. This grant can be used to hire additional bus drivers, improve infrastructure in school bus maintenance facilities, and purchase more buses.

Trish Reed, the vice president and general manager of IC Bus, said the following about their decision to launch the program, “The IC Bus Grant Program reaffirms our commitment to continue developing affordable, reliable, safe, and environmentally beneficial school bus options.”

“A large bus manufacturer like IC Bus launching this grant program is a clear sign that schools are interested in propane-powered school buses, as evidenced here in Indiana and across the country.” Stated Kellie Walsh, Executive Director of the Greater Indiana Clean Cities. “Additionally, IC Bus distribution is predominantly in the Midwest, by Midwest Transit, which means that Indiana should see the positive impact of the grant paying off in the future.”

Use the link below to download the IC Bus Grant Program details.