Greater Indiana Hosts 14th Annual Legislative Luncheon and Stakeholder Awards with Great Success

On January 17, 2017, Greater Indiana hosted its 14th Annual Legislative Luncheon to recognize five stakeholders who have proven superior commitment to developing alternative fuel and energy solutions. The luncheon also gives an opportunity for Greater Indiana partners to connect with legislative members to inform and encourage legislators to help improve energy security.

The event saw huge success, with over half of the Indiana State Representatives and Senators in attendance. Throughout all of Indiana, domestic fuels and technologies are creating green jobs, reducing mobile source emissions and creating energy security by reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. During the event, Greater Indiana recognized Indiana public and private sector businesses for their outstanding accomplishments in the deployment or development of alternative fuels and/ or technologies.

The awardees were as follows: For use of Natural Gas, Muncie Sanitary District, for superior deployment of Ethanol, Family Express, For use of propane, Indianapolis Public Schools, For development of biodiesels, Integrity Biofuels, and lastly, for the development and deployment of electric vehicles, Blue Indy.

Since Christmas Day in 1975, when the first Family Express store opened in Valparaiso, IN, Gus Olympidis and his team made their commitment to providing their customers with the best selection of fuel, a priority. Today, as a grant recipient from the Indiana Office of Energy’s USDA Biofuels Infrastructure Grant Program, Family Express offers consumers E15. Containing 15% ethanol, UNLEADED e15 is EPA approved for use in model year 2001 and newer cars, light duty trucks, and flex fuel vehicles. Congratulations to Gus and the Family Express team for superior deployment of Ethanol.

Muncie Sanitary District provides the citizens of Muncie with their refuse service, continuously working to keep their operating costs low, while opening Indiana’s first, municipally owned, public access CNG station. Congratulations to MSD for their innovation in natural gas and their willingness to be a leader in a funding structure few municipal fleets had been willing to venture.


Integrity Biofuels’ dedication to making an American produced, premium, renewable fuel has been a part of the vision since day one, testing each batch of fuel to ensure it meets biodiesel ASTM standards at all points of production. Integrity ensures their soy-based biodiesel will meet the industry standards demanded by fleets. Greater Indiana is proud to present John Whittington and his team with the 2017 Greater Indiana Stakeholder award for outstanding achievement in the production and deployment of biodiesel.

First launched in 2014 as part of Mayor Ballard’s Fuel Freedom initiative, BlueIndy is one of the first 100% electric car sharing services in the world, and first in the US. A quick subscription process on site or online, and your choice of 200 pick-up and drop-off locations, all make BlueIndy a simple transportation solution. Furthermore, if you own a PHEV, HEV or EV, you can obtain a BlueIndy membership which provides you parking and charging at any of the BlueIndy sites across Indianapolis. Congratulations to BlueIndy, the 2017 Stakeholder Awardee for Electric Vehicle Deployment

Faced with an aging bus fleet and the need to cut the IPS bus fleet transportation costs, the decision was made to go with propane buses and the order was awarded to Navistar, an Indiana based school Bus dealer for the IC propane-powered IC bus. Looking to purchase an additional 200 propane buses, IPS continues to lead the way for other schools to follow and replace their own fleets with 100% propane. Greater Indiana congratulates Dr. Farabee, David Rosenberg and their team of experts in this successful nationally recognized deployment.

Greater Indiana would like to thank all members and legislators who were in attendance and helped to carry out this impactful event, as well as our awardees. The Legislative Luncheon allows Clean Cities to continue to strive towards the mission of reducing our dependence on foreign oil and increasing energy security for the state of Indiana.