GICCC and Partners Featured on FOX BUSINESS NEWS

Did you miss it?  Watch it here.


On Sunday, July 12th, The Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition was featured on Weekend Business Report, the nationally broadcast magazine News program seen on the FOX Business network and hosted by Ileana Bravo.

The report will focused on how the GICCC is making alternative fuels and technologies a reality in Indiana by partnering with both governmental and private stakeholders to achieve the coalition’s mission of reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, while creating green jobs and improving air quality in Indiana.

Kellie Walsh, Executive Director of the GICCC said, “The benefits offered by the integration of alternative fuels and technologies throughout Indiana is due to both the vision and hard work of our diverse group of stakeholders.” She adds, “We’re proud to be a part of the Weekend Business Report’s focus on critical energy issues and the opportunity to showcase the work being done here in Indiana to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.”

Four GICCC stakeholders, Kinetrex Energy, IMPCO Automotive, AMP CNG and Palmer Trucks were also be featured. The report explained the roles each stakeholder plays in furthering the development of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas as a transportation fuel throughout Indiana and across the US. Additionally, viewers were educated about the work being done by these four industry leaders and the benefits realized by all Hoosiers.

Walsh goes on to say, “We couldn’t be more excited to showcase what these four stakeholders, as well as our other GICCC members, are doing on a daily basis to increase the use and availability of alternative fuels and technologies”.