Fleet Orders for Ford F-150 with Gaseous Prep Engine Scheduled to End May 5th

The Westport tag line “Here and Now” has never been more applicable.
The order window for the Ford F150 Model Year 2017 with a gaseous prep engine is expected to close May 5th.

Fleets wanting EPA certified F150 ‘s with LPG or CNG will need to place orders in the next 10 days, to deploy CNG/LPG powered F 150 trucks this year.

Westport intends to certify the F 150 in Model Year 18, but our experience reminds us, a new Ford engine will require time and effort. Historically new engines like the MY18 Ford 5.0, have a delay with the gaseous prep option. We believe the time to order is now rather than wait for a new calibration. Westport encourages dealers to consider stocking gaseous prep engines to capture late year orders.

Be Cautious Toward Promises Without Details
Recently we have seen the kindness of fleets wanting to help developers, be taken advantage. Promises by some to certify engines yet failing to complete, have left fleets and dealerships in bad positions in recent time. While everyone in alternative fuels, including Westport, have dealt with certifications moving slower than desired, recent events are cause for caution.

Three pieces of information fleets and dealerships should demand.

1. What is the risk and benefit in working with a first time offer verses a company with years of experience in calibrating, building and servicing the same make and model?
Ask fleet maintenance what the impact will be to efficiency and support with a new offer?

2. What historical evidence does the company offer to demonstrate their ability to achieve what is being promised? Ask for an example including the time line.

3. How does the delivery system work once the vehicles are completed?
Ask for a time stamped map from dealer order to customer delivery.

A few dollars saved in purchase may be lost in floor plan and depreciation, if delivery is lengthy.

“Price is what you pay value is what you receive.” Warren Buffet