Fleet Evaluations for Greater Indiana Clean Cities Members

The Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition and Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) have partnered up to provide in depth fleet evaluations. CFO is a U.S. Dept. of Energy Clean Cities affiliated non-profit dedicated to promoting the use of cleaner, domestic fuels and efficient vehicles to improve the transportation sector’s economic and environmental performance. Greater Indiana has 16 years of experience working with fleets to identify, evaluate, and implement sustainable and comprehensive green fleet programs.

Greater Indiana assists in the data collection, planning and implementation of fleet projects. CFO provides tailored fleet consulting services around four core program areas, including: 1.) High-level fuel options and fleet assessments; 2.) Technical assessment and fleet planning; 3.) Funding strategies and implementation planning; and 4.) Monitoring, Follow-up and Training.

During the fleet analysis projects, CFO works with Greater Indiana on three main areas: 1) Fleet goal setting to identify the trackable metrics and measurable goals which will provides structure and scope; 2) Fleet inventory analysis to establish a current baseline for all metrics, as well as ensuring metric reduction goals are robust yet attainable; and 3) Detailed implementation scenarios, deployment planning, and tracking system to ensure successful accomplishment of goals. The scope of work, deliverables, and costs for each service is determined by individual projects.

CFO partners with Greater Indiana to be the local project manager, ensuring all data, deliverables and desired outcomes are achieved. If you have been considering a fleet evaluation of your department or operations, contact Greater Indiana’s Executive Director, Kerri Garvin kerri@greaterindiana.com.