First Responders and Mechanics: Alternative 2016 Fuels and Technologies Training Sessions

Greater Indiana Clean Cities and Indiana Office of Energy Development to Offer First Responder and Mechanics Alternative Fuels and Technologies training sessions in 2016

Alternative fuel and related technology vehicles are different than conventional vehicles therefore, it is critical that first responders be properly trained to deal with accidents involving these advanced technology vehicles and fleet mechanics maintaining these vehicles be educated.

In the past five years, Indiana has seen an increasing number of natural gas, propane and electric vehicles registered in the Hoosier state. Furthermore, as the cross-roads of America, these vehicles travel through our state daily by the thousands.

Incidences involving these vehicles have and will continue to occur, just as they do with conventionally fueled vehicles.  This training will educate first responder trainers, from all 10 Indiana fire districts, empowering them with the knowledge and tools to train their district peers.

Even the most seasoned vehicle technicians need targeted training before they can safely and properly work on propane fuel systems.  Training ensures that mechanics and technicians understand the basic types of propane systems and how to perform everything from daily maintenance services to more complicated repairs.

This 3-day Propane Autogas Vehicle Technician Course will ensure recent propane school bus fleet grant recipients and other public and private sector fleets that have recently deployed propane vehicles, will be eligible to attend this free training.

First Responder Train the Trainer SessionsMarch 22 – 23Fire fighters, police, EMTFuels and Technologies/NAFTC Modules
Propane Mechanics TrainingApril 5-7Municipal, state, private sector and school fleet mechanicsPropane fuel systems/NAFTC Modules

The Greater Indiana Clean Cities has partnered with the Indiana Office of Energy Development and the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) to offer this training free to First Responders.

NAFTC is a nationwide alternative fuel vehicle training organization.  Based in West Virginia University, they develop curricula, conduct training and outreach activities, and manage programs for associate training center members nationwide. The organization presently offers more than 35 courses and workshops.  The NAFTC is a long time Clean Cities Program partner and has provided training curricula for the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition since 2005.