Fair Oaks Farm Harnesses the Power of Natural Gas from Cow Manure

PBS Television Series MotorWeek Highlights Renewable CNG

Beginning July 9th

This week’s Clean Cities success story takes us to Fair Oaks, Indiana, where Fair Oaks Farm uses manure to power a fleet of milk delivery trucks. Fair Oaks Farm produces more than enough renewable compressed natural gas (CNG) to fuel 42 milk haulers at a station owned by ampCNG, a partner in the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Clean Fleets Partnership. The station opened in 2012 with assistance from the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition.

Produced by Maryland Public Television’s MotorWeek program, this episode (#3544) will air on PBS stations nationwide starting July 9, 2016. For show times in your area, check the MotorWeek and Discovery Channel websites. MotorWeek is also available in high definition on Velocity by Discovery.