Midwest DRIVES

is a US Department of Energy Clean Cities funded program to offer fleets free demonstrations of advanced and alternative fuel and technology vehicles. The demos come with data logging equipment. Data driven case studies will help fleet administrators decide whether vehicles will work for their operations. feel free to post pictures on the promo page of any of the vehicles on the list in the link below.

      Midwest DRIVES offers fleets opportunities to test a range of alternative fuel vehicles in day-to-day operations. The initiative includes:

    • FREE demos of alternative fuel vehicles (including CNG, Propane, Hybrid, EV, Efficiency, and Biofuel vehicles in light, medium, and heavy-duty applications)
    • FREE data logging on demo vehicles provided by FleetCarma (vehicle performance details to guide your decisions)
    • FREE case studies & analysis comparing alt. fuel vehicles vs. conventional vehicles on your routes, with your drivers.
    • Technical support & resources from industry experts and experienced Clean Cities staff in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

For a list of vehicles and to sign up for a demo visit: midwestdrives.org or Enroll Here.
Fleets in the Greater Indiana Clean Cities territory must be a member of the coalition to sign up for a demo vehicle.

Sign up today to take advantage of the free demo opportunities through Midwest DRIVES. Once enrolled, you will be contacted by staff nearest to your location to work with you on availability, scheduling, and logistics for your free alternative fuel vehicle demo.

Vehicles featured in the program include:

Vehicle Provider#Fuel Type & Vehicle ModelFleet Duty Type
Optimus Technologies6Biofuel: Conversion SystemMed – Heavy Duty Truck
Vanner4Efficiency: Idle Watch II SystemsMed – Heavy Duty Truck
Derive Systems4Efficiency: Vehicle Computer EfficiencyLight, Medium, and Heavy Duty Vehicle
Greentech Automotive1EV: G2 Electric SedanLight Duty Sedan
Nissan2EV: Nissan LEAFLight Duty Sedan
Odyne1Hybrid: Med-Duty VehicleMed – Heavy Duty Truck
Lightning Hybrid1Hybrid: Med-Duty VehicleMedium Duty Shuttle
Parker1Hybrid: Heavy Duty Refuse HaulerHeavy Duty Truck
Roush Cleantech3Propane: F250, E250, Bluebird Vision BusLight Duty Utility; School Bus
ICOM North America1Propane: E450 Bi-fuel Shuttle BusMedium Duty Shuttle Bus
Stag USA4Propane: Bi-fuel Sedan, SUVLight Duty Sedans, SUVs
IMPCO1CNG: Bi-fuel Chevy CruzeLight Duty Sedan
Natgascar2CNG: Bi-fuel Ford F-150Light Duty Pick-Up
Palmer Trucks1CNG: Class 8 Dedicated KenworthHeavy Duty Dedicated Truck
Gain Clean Fuels1CNG: Class 8 Dual Fuel or DedicatedHeavy Duty Tractor Trailer
Greenbridge Technologies1CNG: Chevy CruzeLight Duty Sedan
Repowered NGV1CNG: Class 6 Box TruckMedium Duty Delivery Truck