Clean Fleets of Greater Indiana

Clean Fleets of Greater Indiana

Clean Fleets of Greater Indiana aims to improve the environmental performance of vehicle fleets across the state of Indiana. Clean Fleets of Indiana is a voluntary recognition program of the Greater Indiana Clean Cities, Inc.

The program is structured to provide flexibility for diverse fleets across the state to pursue best practices while achieving recognition for successes along the way. Participating fleet managers complete an online survey once per year to submit quantitative data and descriptions of fleet activities.

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New participants must provide two initial data submissions:
Baseline and Year End data

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Participating fleets are evaluated on seven criteria areas:

  1. Vehicles – Number of conventional and advanced technology vehicles
  2. Fuel – Amount of conventional and alternative fuels
  3. Maintenance – Regular preventive maintenance
  4. Operation – Efficient driving and training
  5. Partnerships – Leadership efforts
  6. Strategy – Strategic planning for fleet improvements, including infrastructure.
  7. Transparency – Internal and external communication


Fleet Ratings

Fleets are recognized with an annual Clean Fleets of Greater Indiana rating on a three-tier scale:

IMPROVING – Progress in four of the seven criteria areas.
ACHIEVING – Progress in all seven criteria areas.
LEADING – Continued strong progress in all seven criteria.


Annual Awards

Fleets demonstrating exceptional results are recognized with a Clean Fleets of Greater Indiana Annual Award.

Examples of exceptional results include pioneer participation, substantial fuel reductions, leadership on advanced vehicle and alternative fuel infrastructure development, or best in class programs for fleet size or sector.



Any fleet operating in the Greater Indiana territory with at least ten vehicles is eligible for participation in Clean Fleets of Greater Indiana. All vehicles are eligible for participation including passenger cars, light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty trucks, freight, forklifts, tractors, watercraft, street sweepers, and other off road vehicles. Data on alternative fuel used in equipment may be included as supplemental information.

Fleets from entities across all sectors are encouraged to participate including companies, manufacturers, municipalities, educational institutions, nonprofits, and others. All Greater Indiana members, partners and stakeholders with alternative fuel vehicles, advanced technology vehicles, alternative fueling stations, idle reduction technologies or policies to reduce vehicle miles traveled (such as carpooling, public transit or telecommuting programs) should complete the survey.



All participating fleets receive an annual rating and are eligible to earn a Clean Fleets award. There is no fee for participating in Clean Fleets of Greater Indiana.


Data Collection

Data is submitted annually via an online survey. Baseline data must be submitted with initial submissions. Contact us if you need help identifying your baseline year.

Clean Fleets of Greater Indiana participants must submit entries annually to be eligible for ratings and award presentations.

Each year, Greater Indiana Clean Cities collects data from stakeholders and produces a report. The report reflects the amazing work taking place in Indiana by our stakeholders and members.