Member Spotlight: Citizens Energy Group

Citizens Energy Group is a long-time Platinum member of Greater Indiana Clean Cities. In 1887, Indianapolis civic leaders came up with the idea of operating a natural gas company as a Public Charitable Trust, solely for the benefit of customers and the community. Today, this Trust lives on as Citizens Energy Group, a broad-based utility service company, providing natural gas, thermal energy, water, and wastewater services to about 800,000 people and thousands of businesses in the Indianapolis area.

In 2014, Citizens converted its Perry K Steam Plant from burning coal to clean, affordable natural gas. The Perry K conversion has reduced emissions associated with smog by more than 90 percent and lowered greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30 percent.  In addition, the conversion has allowed the plant to generate its own electricity, virtually eliminating the use of purchased power. Citizens is also delivering renewable energy since 50 percent of the steam delivered by their system is generated by Covanta Energy’s waste-to-energy facility on Harding Street.

Citizens actively promotes energy and water conservation through ongoing communications including media outreach, advertising, website promotions and utilization of social media channels. They promote energy and water conservation at schools through the National Energy Foundations and the Indianapolis Colts.  This program reaches more than 6,000 students each year.

Now with five utilities – natural gas, steam, chilled water, water and wastewater, Citizens Energy Group has positioned themselves to play a leadership role in making Indianapolis a more sustainable city.


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