Produced by NTEA – The Association for the Work Truck Industry, the annual Work Truck Show, held in conjunction with the Fleet Technical Congress and the Green Truck Summit, is North America’s largest work truck event. This four-day event (March 6-9) is especially unique in that it appeals to everyone involved in the work truck or fueling industry, including: fleet managers, truck drivers, commercial truck owners, fueling technology analysts, US Department of Energy representatives, fuel technicians, truck manufacturers, and many more.

The Work Truck Show features countless informational and educational sessions, presentations and speeches from leaders in the industry, interactive ride and drives, numerous networking opportunities, insights from influential government representatives, and many more attractions, all located in the great city of Indianapolis. With so many activities and sessions happening at once, participants could easily feel overwhelmed, which is why within The Work Truck Show, there are two distinct conferences whose sessions are organized separately from the general show sessions, and are tailored to different audiences. These conferences are the Green Truck Summit and Fleet Technical Congress.

Fleet Technical Congress

While The Work Truck Show is an appeal to anyone in the work truck or fueling industry, the Fleet Technical Congress, one of the two conferences in concurrence with the Show, is specifically geared towards those who are highly involved with fleet activity, such as: fleet managers, suppliers, truck drivers, fleet maintenance specialists, technical engineers, fueling technology analysts, and many more. The Congress places on emphasis on helping participants to gain perspective on: the future of commercial vehicles and how upcoming changes will affect fleets, reactive vs predictive maintenance, how to integrate multiple data streams for fleet decision making, impact of smart, connected vehicles, techniques for improving fleet replacement strategies, and benefits and risks associated with vehicle data. The educational and informational sessions are based around the previously stated topics and feature the most up-to-date information and insightful perspectives from the industry’s brightest and most successful leaders.

The Congress gets off to a rivetingly exciting start as keynote speaker for the Congress, Ed Peper, Vice President of the General Motors Fleet, gives a presentation on the future of commercial vehicles. In this address, Peper, a notable leader among fleet managers across the country, will discuss how rapid changes in fleet technology and fueling options are driving innovation in commercial vehicles, and it will be essential to adapt and adjust working relationships between chassis OEMs and fleet managers. Another session that will likely appeal to any participant of the Fleet Technical Congress is titled, “Fleet Management Risks Associated with Discoverable Vehicle-Generated Data” presented by Kelly Frey, VP of Product Marketing at Verizon Telematics. In this session Frey will provide an insightful perspective on how a significant amount of data can be generated from commercial vehicles, how best to collect the data, how the information can be used, and what potential impacts can come from the practice.

Green Truck Summit

Another separate conference taking place during The Work Truck Show is the Green Truck Summit. The Summit differentiates itself from the rest of The Work Truck Show and the Fleet Technical Congress in that it focuses specifically on the environmental side of the fueling and work truck industry, such as ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other criteria pollutants. The Green Truck Summit likely will appeal to many present at The Work Truck Show, including: fleet managers, representatives of regulatory agencies, commercial vehicle manufacturers, stakeholders from industry trade associations, fuel technicians, environmental lobbyists, city planners, and numerous others. Key topics at the 2018 Green Truck Summit are: government, fleet, and supplier perspectives on work truck productivity, what’s next in technology and fuel for fleets, commercial vehicle insights and opportunities, obtaining advanced technology approval and selecting alternative fuels, finding available local, state, and federal funds, and next steps for the future of work trucks.

One session taking place within the Green Truck Summit that will likely draw a large crowd is titled, “Technology and Fuel Advancement: What’s Next for Fleets” presented by Scott Phillippi, Sr. Director of Maintenance & Engineering, International Operations, for UPS Corporate Automotive. In this session, Phillippi will lead an in-depth discussion on emerging technology and fuel usage and how it can solve real-world problems through numerous application opportunities of the current fuel technology and possible impacts of the fuel advancements to come. Some other key topics in this session include: workplace hybrids, renewable diesel and CNG, lightweighting, connected trucks, and near-zero ICE and electric traction, including fuel cells.

Special Sessions

In addition to the separate conferences and informational sessions associated with them, there are many other special sessions that will take place during The Work Truck Show that are not included in any registration package and must be purchased separately, but all of which can certainly be identified as “can’t miss events.” One example of this is an all-day workshop (9am-4pm) taking place on Wednesday March 7, the second day of the Show, titled, “Fleet Management 101.” This workshop will be conducted by senior professionals from Mercury Associates Inc., the largest dedicated fleet management consulting firm in North America. This seminar will offer a thorough introduction to the most important elements of an effective fleet management program. If you are a current or aspiring fleet manager, business owner, agency director, fleet financer, or have any other strong ties to the management of fleets, this workshop is an ideal opportunity for you. Topics to be covered include: maintenance program design and shop operations management, outsourcing and supplier management, performance measurement and benchmarking, managing vehicle total cost of ownership, and fleet replacement.

Value Beyond Measure

In addition to the numerous educational and informational sessions provided throughout the week, The Work Truck Show has additional features that would draw in any individual involved in the work truck industry. One example of this is an exhibit hall, open all day for the last three days of the Show, which allows participants to take advantage of an opportunity to get up close to the newest work truck and equipment offerings from 500 exhibiting companies, meet with other industry professionals, and finalize ongoing business. While the Show as a whole is an excellent networking opportunity, the exhibit hall exemplifies the networking potential of the week more than anything else. Another event of The Work Truck Show, aside from the sessions and exhibit hall, is the Ride-and-Drive. This event, open on Wednesday and Thursday from noon to 4:30, allows participants to experience the latest advanced technology and alternative fuel applications for commercial vehicles. You will meet key suppliers and test-drive or ride in the newest trucks. Participation is free and available on a first-come, first-served basis to all Work Truck Show 2018 attendees.

In summary, all of the above information related to informational sessions, all day workshops, the exhibit hall, and Ride-and-Drive, only reflects around 10-15% of the experiences and activities you can participate in at the spectacular Work Truck Show. Opportunities to learn, network, and interact are never in short supply at The Work Truck Show. It truly is a can’t miss event for trucking stakeholders and contains value beyond measure. So hurry up because hotel rooms are booking fast for the week of the Show, and you don’t want to be left having to hear about The Work Truck Show, when you could have witnessed it’s spectacular value first hand register now at

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