Platinum Member Spotlight: IPL

A Greater Indiana Clean Cities Platinum Member since 2005, Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) was founded in 1926 to provide retail electric service.  They now serve more than 490,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Indianapolis and other surrounding Central Indiana communities. Since then, IPL has been committed to being the best in the industry. The company and its employees continue to support community organizations, civic initiatives and environmental efforts.

Recently, IPL has initiated an electric vehicle (EV) program to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support customers who own these vehicles. IPL is the first Indiana utility to offer special EV rates. They offer fleet charging and flat fee public charging stations. Along with public charging, IPL has deployed charging stations in approximately 120 homes. With this initiative, IPL is hoping to foster the adoption of electric vehicles in Indiana.

Under its EV programs, IPL estimated that these EVs will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over a ton per vehicle per year when fueled by electricity from its mix of renewable and fossil fuel generation instead of petroleum fuel. IPL also offers Green Power Option, is a program that allows households to generate power through wind, an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. Over the past few years, IPL has made significant strides in planning a future that includes increased diversification of generation resources with more efficient options, like natural gas, wind and solar.