Live Conversion Specialists Up-fit a 2017 F-250 at Work Truck Show

See Step-by-Step Propane Autogas Conversion

Imagine ANY vehicle for ANY need you have—delivery, service, package or people transport- minimizing costs with proven technology, preventing dangerous emissions to harm our environment, and running on the alternative fuel. Think it seems like only a fantasy? See for yourself!

On Thursday, March 16 at 11:30AM in Booth 5567 at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, the Alliance AutoGas conversion techs will take you through a step-by-step live conversion; ask questions, see it up close. Be as interactive as you wish!  The conversion features Alliance AutoGas’ simplified EPA and NFPA 58 compliant Engineered Fuel System featuring a “plug and play” single plug wiring connector. Greater Indiana is excited about the educational opportunity this brings to show attendees!

As Easy as One. Two. Three!

  1. Time savings- ½ the install time of other aftermarket options
  2. A proven product innovation – Quality and consistency shown over time. The same results are achieved in any certified vehicle with the same Alliance engineered system.
  3. Adaptability

No matter what you use your fleet vehicle for, Alliance Autogas has a system tailored to that vehicle. With multiple upfit options and applications, our system performs and keeps fleets up and running. With autogas, not only are you saving on maintenance, but you can save on fuel costs immediately!

p3033340The Conversion System

The Alliance AutoGas EPA and NFPA 58 compliant system can be installed on new or in-service vehicles in half the time of other products.  All wiring is a “plug and play” no cut install. Everything is bracketed and designed to be installed without any fabrication.  By deploying these features, labor times and conversion costs are significantly reduced.

For more about Alliance AutoGas contact Tim Clark, Director of Sales, Alliance AutoGas, at 228-215-0544, or go to