Kerri Garvin Named Greater Indiana Executive Director

April is here! Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition is kicking off this spring with some exciting news. We are pleased to introduce our new Executive Director, Kerri Garvin.

We know many of you have been following our news and had the opportunity to work with our former Director, the talented Kellie Walsh. Please know that we deeply appreciate your support and investment in making this transition a positive one.

Kerri has a background in the public sector, working for the City of Fort Wayne and serving as a Town Manager. Over the years, Kerri has served as Program Manager for Energy and Sustainability and as Executive Director for the Northeast Indiana Sustainable Business Council. Kerri has shown her dedication and promotion of sustainability throughout her career and is looking forward to continuing that work with GICCC. She is dedicated to the vision and mission of Clean Cities in helping deploy the use of alternative fuels.

You can reach Kerri by email at

View Kerri’s BIO.